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NH Artistry Studio hair extensions have been guaranteed the best quality hair extensions by a stamp of approval. These are 100% real human Brazilian hair.
You receive 6 pieces clip in hair extensions 60 cm long full thick hair pieces. These hair extensions will amaze you with its premium quality and a sensational experience. You are about to enjoy everything you ever wanted in a hair that you will never forget. These hair extensions performs the role of high grade human hair products, provides you with 100% quality human hair. The reason for this popular hair demand is made through selecting the completely healthy human hair, strict producing process and advance treatment, which ensures every strand of hair, is lively and long lasting.

  • Has the most beautiful natural quality.
  • Fine hair intension and diligence.
  • Can be iron straightened and curl styled.
  • Tangle-free & Shedding free.
  • Easy styling, multiple forms to lead the fashion.
  • World’s best human hair production base.
  • Can be shampoo and condition washed.

The better you look, the better you feel!!!

We also have Synthetic hair extension available. These synthetic hair looks and feels just like real human hair, this hair follicles has been designed to be just like real human hair. So many women around the world are wearing these hair extensions and you will never know the difference between them. They are full thick volume hair similar to the real human hair 60 cm long in gorgeous styles.

Available in Brown, Black, Blond with Combo's of straight & curled fiber hair extensions.

This is the closest to real human hair at affordable prices, new in SA. (Fiber hair extensions are just like real human hair, it looks completely natural. The fiber is more expensive than synthetic feels and looks closest to human hair. You receive 3 big beautiful hair clips in pieces that are 60 cm long. You can curl and straighten them only using heating and cooling of the fibers. These extensions must be handled carefully just like real human hair)